Campbell Opportunity Scholarship Fund

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Campbell Opportunity Scholarship Fund

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About the Campbell Opportunity Scholarship

At Campbell, we believe our students are worthy of a world-class education. The Campbell Opportunity Scholarship Fund provides immediate scholarship aid to students who demonstrate a pressing financial need and who are in danger of not graduating or continuing their studies at Campbell due to this financial hardship. Scholarships are awarded from this fund on a continual basis to ensure that all students will have the opportunity to graduate and complete their Campbell experience.

Impact of the Scholarship

The Campbell Opportunity Scholarship was created in the 2015-2016 academic year because of the need to have additional scholarship money to use in immediate support of students by the financial aid office.

In the first year of the fund, the financial aid office helped 66 Campbell students. On average, 60-100 students are helped each year with the average scholarship amount awarded per student being $2,500. The average amount may not seem very large, but it makes a great impact on the life of the student receiving it.