Why Give

Why Give

Partner with us to transform the lives of our students and campus community.

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You have a special place in your heart for Campbell, and you cherish the experiences you have with Campbell as a supporter. That’s why we are asking our friends like you to participate in our Campbell Leads campaign, a five-year comprehensive fundraising initiative to raise money for a much-needed student union and continued support of student scholarships.

When you give to Campbell, you:

  • invest in the development of your alma mater
  • help students gain an invaluable asset, a quality education
  • increase Campbell’s reputation and the value of your degree
  • directly impact the lives of Campbell students
  • set a powerful example for today’s students

"The growth of Campbell University is not just seen in new buildings and projects. When you see your fellow students getting jobs in their career areas all across the country because the Campbell network is so strong, that’s when you really see what a Campbell degree means."

Bennett Johnson, Class of 2017
Bennett Johnson

How is Campbell leading with purpose?

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