Senior Philanthropy Graduation Cords

Graduation Cords

Campbell University Senior Giving Campaign: Lead in the Tradition of Giving

We invite you to join us in nurturing a culture of generosity among our graduating seniors at Campbell University through the Senior Giving Campaign—a way of giving that ignites the spirit of philanthropy within our camel community. Graduating students can make a gift to Campbell in honor of their graduation year and receive an orange and black graduation cord to display their philanthropic spirit at graduation.

Explore the meaning behind wearing the philanthropy cord, a tangible representation of your dedication to support future camels and contributing to Campbell’s legacy. Graduating seniors who donate $20.24 to Campbell University by April 5 can wear these cords during commencement.

Give Now

Philanthropy Week and Cord Pickup Details:

Save the date for April 11 and 12. Philanthropy cord pickup will be held at the Cornelia Campbell Alumni House from 9 a.m. to noon on both days. Don’t miss this opportunity to collect your cords and showcase your commitment to making a lasting impact.

Reasons to Give:

Donor support is essential to Campbell and every opportunity is made possible through the generosity of Campbell alumni, friends, and supporters. As you are making the transition from the Creek to your next step, don’t forget the generosity of donors who helped shape your Campbell experience.

Recognizing that tuition covers only a fraction of the actual cost of an undergraduate education, Campbell relies on private support to bridge the gap between what each student pays in tuition and fees and the true cost of their education. By donating, you play a pivotal role in maintaining the university’s reputation as a best-value institution.