Senior Legacy


Join the Class of 2018 in giving back to the place you have called home over the past few years! The Philanthropy Committee and Office of Annual Giving invite you to participate in Campbell University’s very first senior giving campaign: the Senior Legacy. Senior class giving is a tradition at most prominent universities, and is intended to educate students on the importance of private funding and encourage student philanthropy.

A donation to the Senior Legacy campaign is a way to pave the way for the next generation of Campbell students. It is a chance to leave your legacy by choosing the area of Campbell you would like to support. Please consider giving $20.18 to the area of Campbell that has meant the most to you.

Benefits of Giving

By contributing to the Senior Legacy, you can:

  • join the philanthropic efforts of Campbell University supporters
  • help provide an education to future Campbell students, regardless of their financial means
  • show gratitude for the experiences and opportunities you’ve had at Campbell that were made possible by the philanthropic efforts of those who came before you
  • fulfill the Campbell University mission by leading with purpose and leaving a legacy that enables future students to benefit from a Campbell education

Additionally, students who give will have access to the following incentives:

Senior Reception with Dr. Creed

Seniors who give at least $20.18 or make a recurring gift of at least $7 to the Campbell fund of their choice will receive a formal invitation to the first annual Senior Reception where students will be honored for completing their degree and making a gift. 


Give in Honor of Someone

You can make a gift of $20.18 or more in honor of someone who impacted your Campbell experience—a relative, friend, professor, coach, staff member, alumna/us, etc. As a thank you, the Student Philanthropy Committee will send a letter to the person, letting them know you made a gift in his/her honor. You can make more than one donation of $20.18 if you have more than one person you would like to honor.

Donor Honor Roll

Seniors who give a gift of any amount will be recognized in the Senior Legacy Honor Roll posted on the Campaign website and in the next issue of the Campbell magazine.


Seniors who give a gift of any amount will be entered into weekly raffles for the chance to win items such as exclusive basketball tickets and reserved graduation parking.

Give now!


Frequently Asked Questions

I already pay tuition, so why should I give more?

Did you know that your tuition only covers a portion of your college experience? Although this is a vital source of funding for the university to be able to carry out operations, think about the parts of your education and Campbell University that are funded by the gifts of donors: scholarships, buildings, athletics, academic programs, and much more! Giving a special gift to the university represents your dedication to paving the way for future generations of Campbell students.

Will my contribution even make a difference?

Absolutely! Philanthropy and giving are factors that publications like the U.S. News & World Report use to rank colleges and universities.  As Campbell climbs in the rankings, the more esteemed we become, and the value of your degree increases.  

How much should I give?

While we encourage you to consider giving $20.18, we gladly accept gifts of any size! Your participation and support is appreciated, so make a gift that is comfortable to you.  Seniors who give $20.18 or more will receive an invitation to the Senior Reception with Dr. Creed, where you will have the opportunity to celebrate your years as a Campbell student and be recognized for your generous donation.

Can I split my gift up into installments?

You can! Through the Senior Legacy giving form, you can set up a recurring gift, such as $5 per month, $20.18 per year, etc. Pick a payment plan that works best for you! A recurring gift of $7 per month will secure you an invitation to the Senior Reception with Dr. Creed.

Where can I give?

We want each student to be able to give back to the area of Campbell they care most about.  Therefore, you can designate your gift to one of almost 2,000 different funds. These funds include academic departments, scholarships, student programs, and more. Choose the area of Campbell that has meant the most to you!

How do I give?

It’s easy! Follow this link to our secure giving form. You can choose to give your Senior Legacy gift all at once, or break it down into installments.

Student Philanthropy Committee

The Student Philanthropy Committee is a group of Campbell leaders who are committed to educating their peers about the crucial need for private donations.  Committee members encourage their classmates to begin their support of Campbell University by making a gift during their senior year.  Members serve as the face of the Senior Campaign for Campbell and work with the Office of Annual Giving to plan and implement campaign promotions and events.

Mission Statement

To educate Campbell University seniors regarding the importance of private giving to the University and to facilitate their active philanthropic involvement with Campbell as students and eventual alumni.