Video Guidelines

Use the following best practices when creating video for your crowdfunding project.

  • Keep it short: videos should be no longer than 2 minutes, but if you’re planning to share primarily on social media keep it even shorter – 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Think Orange: ask video subjects to wear orange. Attire should be solid with no distracting patterns. Avoid clothing with the Running Camel or CU logos unless the video is for athletics, per brand guidelines.
  • Emphasize quality: anything you produce is a representation of Campbell. It is important that videos align with the University mission.
  • Avoid old logos: avoid including old versions of the University’s logo in your videos, both as added graphic elements or in footage of campus facilities.
  • Pay attention to details: survey the background and remove anything that might be distracting or unattractive including trash cans and clutter. Make sure the space behind your subject is clear.
  • Focus on sound: good audio is an important part of a successful video. Avoid background noises such as loud air conditioning units, traffic, cell phone chimes and paper rattling.
  • Be mindful of copyright: avoid copyrighted music, images or graphics. If you are using free music available on the public domain, read the fine print to make sure the correct attribution is given.